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Malaysia Organic Farm Tour – Personal WWOOF Experience

Did I miss anything in the video? If so, leave me a comment!!   I spent 8 days here on a small private organic farm in Malaysia. They had 60 fruit trees – durian amongst many others. I worked mostly clearing land aka weeding and preparing rice fields. Learned about the malay culture and especially…

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A day living raw on a Malaysia Island

A couple clips from 1 day spent on a Malaysian Island Langkawi. Some days are harder than others as we continually do our best to feel our best and live raw. It is hard to see, accept and take responsibility for such unsustainable practices on these islands e.g. imported conventional foods and goods all packaged in…

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5 Steps – Master the Christmas Holidays on a Plant Based Diet

Ahhh christmas mayhem! Especially when we choose to feel our best on a plant based diet!   I was talking with someone last week and they were nervous about going back home to spend their Christmas Holidays with their family because of the major lifestyle differences! Family ate meat 3x/day and cooked most of their food while…

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The ‘how to buy raw food on a budget’ blueprint

AHHgH!   Spend all this time searching for the high quality fruits and veggies and when you find them well they are SO expensive!! Buying and affording enough raw food is a skill many of us will have to learn now or very soon. Here is everything I know so far on the subject.  …

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